Laura’s Lash Lounge​

We’re serious about Lashes. We don’t mess around when it comes to lashes, following strict sanitation and safety guidelines every day on every client. We won’t compromise our integrity even a little bit. Our products are the best we can find. We wear them, too!

As Lash Extensions have gained popularity, we find ourselves Fixing a lot of lashes from other lash stylists. In fact, Fixing lashes seems to have become somewhat of a specialty of ours and Laura loves Fixing Lashes. Most new clients wearing Lash Extensions need Fixing. Lashing is a specialty that takes years of practice and training to create safe and beautiful lash designs. Don’t be embarrassed and stay in pain or let someone keep pulling your lashes out. We’re happy to help and Lash everyday! We try to have availability daily. Once we meet you, we will schedule your next appointment to fit your schedule.


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